Livestock Producers & Animal Transporters

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Livestock producers and animal transporters will benefit from FFC assurance that they are acting within Animal Health and Welfare law.

  • FFC will identify where your business is failing to comply with the Regulations and risks adverse publicity, prosecution or civil litigation.
  • FFC will advise you on how your business can become and remain compliant most effectively and most economically.
  • FFC will provide up-to-date advice on changes in legislation affecting your business.
  • FFC will deliver or procure accredited training to staff to achieve compliance in your business.
  • FFC will assist you and your legal team where your business is involved in legal action.
  • FFC will act as your liaison between enforcement agencies, welfare groups and the media.

A partnership of experienced professionals in the field of in Animal Health & Welfare and Food Safety Regulatory Compliance.

From farm to plate, FFC will help keep your business Compliant!

Download Livestock Producers & Animal Transporters Leaflet 26112019/Livestock_Producers_26112019.pdf